Graduationtrip to England

Sept. 3rd 2018

The journey by bus and ferry

Our third class trip began on Monday at 7 o`clock. The bus driver was late but he arrived o in England on time. First of all I saw a beautiful landscape with a lot of trees, lakes and mountains during the ride. After 8 hours we drove through Belgium, the Netherlands and France and arrived at the border of France. I was really nervous because the bordercontrol looked very serious but after passing through border my nervousness had gone. The harbour was very big with many ferries. There were also a lot of people around the world  ,for example, from China or England. I was exhausted because we already drove 8 hours and it was hot inside the bus. At 4 pm we arrived in England and I was tired of sitting in the bus. Finally at 6 pm we arrived at our hotel in Eastbourne. My first impression of England was good. England has beautiful beaches. It´s just a mixture of traditional ways and modern ways. I shared my room with Umar, Lukas and Timo. Luckily we were all in the same room and got  a big and pretty room. Then I went with Timo, Lukas and Umar to the restaurant in the first floor at 7 pm. We ate fish and chips and it was tasty. I was really happy that I ate fish and chips because I´m interested in English food. Many people say that England has no food culture or bad dishes but during the trip everything was tasty, especially the breakfast. The first night in Eastbourne was really exciting because I went to a grocery store with my friends and bought some drinks and snacks for the next five days  and then we went to the Eastbourne pier and chilled there for half an hour. Our teachers told us to be in the hotel at 9 pm, so we went back and stayed in our room for the rest of the night. I played games with Timo and listened to music. At the end we watched TV series on Lukas´s phone. Later our first day in Eastbourne ended at 3am.

Comments on

In our opinion the bus driver was the highlight of the trip because he was very funny. He had a sense of humor and made a lot of jokes. We all will miss him. Furthermore Brighton was a highlight, too, because you didn´t have to drive very long and you were immediately in the  city centre. The city tour was also very interesting and useful. The guide showed us some good spots. More important was the free time. In Brighton we had more than 5 hours free time, so we had enough to go shopping and chilling. The teachers were normal as usually.

The biggest flop of the trip was the second day in London because we didn´t have enough free time and the London Dungeon was very boring. You couldn´t understand a lot. They spoke too fast. Besides the bus driver was late and we had to drive 6 hours again.

There was also a funny story: We met our bus driver in the supermarket and he bought some beer. Then we talked to each other.


Tuesday Sept.4th

It was our second day in England. I woke up at 7 am and I was tired because yesterday the journey to England was very long and stressful. After I got ready I went to the bus without eating breakfast because I wasn't hungry at all. The first morning in Eastbourne was nice, the weather was clear and sunny, in front of the hotel was a big beach with a lot of seagulls. I caught some fresh air and got in the bus. We drove to London and it took more than 3 hours because we got into a traffic jam. I was disappointed and annoyed because I thougt we didn't have to drive this much and yesterday we already drove for a very long time. At 12 am, we arrived in London. My first impression of London was good. London has a lot of shops and interesting places. First we took a picture of our class and our teacher brought us to the Buckingham Palace, were the Queen lives. Luckily she was at home, because if she weren´t at home, the flag wouldn't be up. Then we could move wherever we want. I went with Timo and Kong to  Subway and ordered some tasty sandwiches. After this we chilled at a park and listened to music the whole time. 2 hours later, we searched for a supermarket, but we couldn't find one. That's why we asked a Londoner for help. It was a great experience hearing a native speaker because they speak it very quickly. We found the supermarket and bought some food and drinks. At 2 pm we drove 3 hours back to Eastbourne. At the end, we were exhausted and annoyed. I didn't eat dinner, but in the evening I ate instant-noodles instead. In our room, we watched TV and played mobile games. Our day ended at 2am.


Wednesday 5th Sept.18

On Wednesday we overslept because we stayed up late. We missed breakfast and didn´t have time to get ready. On this day we were going to London again. We were under stress and only had five minutes to get ready. In a hurry we went to the bus without makeup. We brought our makeup essentials to get ready in the bus. First we slept in the bus then we started slowly to get ready. The bus trip took so long that we had enough time.The first thing we had to do was to go to the Tower Bridge as you can see on this photo.

We had to walk up the stairs which was so exhausting. When we finally arrived we were overwhelmed because the view was so nice. Immediately we took a lot of pictures.When we left the Tower Bridge and had free time,my friends and I went to the underground station to go to the London Eye. It was a fantastic adventure because we never drove with the underground in a city that we don´t know.We asked a lot of people for the right way. To ask foreign people was exciting and nice. This allowed me to collect a lot of experience and to test my English.When we found the right way we went to eat something. Our teacher said that we had to be next to the London Eye on time. At 4pm we went back to our hotel in Eastbourne. It took hours. The journey was nice because we listened to music and enjoyed it. When we arrived we ate dinner ,then we went outside to go for a walk. We didn´t like the neighbourhood because of the people. Late at night we started to dance in our room. It was such a nice time with my friends. Later we went to sleep.



Our highlight was that we went swimming with our clothes. That was a nice adventure. We had planned that we only want to take pictures and not go swimming. There were some people who looked at us because we were swimming in the cold sea.

Sept. 6th 2018


I was woken up by seagulls at 7 o´clock.

At 7:30 am we had breakfast, after breakfast we went to Brighton. When we arrived in Brighton, a guide was already waiting for us and we did a citytour. The citytour was great. Brighton is a very beautiful city with a pier.

The city is a mixture of an old city and a new city with a lot of old houses. The old houses are built with flintstone. Earlier you could find a lot of them at the beach. The city has a lot of streetarts like graffities. The city of Brighton accepted homosexuality early. After the sightseeing tour we could explore the city ourselves. We went to the shopping center in Brighton and my friends bought new clothes. At 3pm we met at the bus and drove to the Whitecliffs. The panorama was beautiful. We could see the sea, the green landscape and the cliffs. At the cliffs our bus driver Dirk told us a lot of jokes.

Tired and enthusiastic about Brighton we drove back to the hotel.

Thursday 6th September 2018

This  morning we got up at 5:00 o´clock. After breakfast we drove to Brighton at 9:00 o´clock. Then we went on a sightseeing tour of Brighton. This was very good because the tourist guide speaks German. The beach and the city of Brighton are very beautiful. There is a very big shopping centre and a lot of jeweller´s shops. After the sightseeing tour we had our free time. We went to the shopping centre but I didn´t find anything to wear. We also went to Burger King. It was bigger than ours in Germany. In some gift stores we bought souvenirs for our families. The last hour we split up in two small groups. Some went to the pear in the game´s hall and the other went again to the souvenir shop. After half an hour, we all met again in the game´s hall. We won some tickets but we didn´t need them. So we gave them to other people. At 2:00 pm we drove to Beachy Head. The dangerous cliffs are very tall. I think 162 metres or higher. But it was beautiful, too. If you aren´t careful, you could fall down. On the highest point, the view was fantastic. On the one hand there were a lot of huge rocks. And on the other hand there was a big village with old houses. After about an hour we drove back to the hotel. The long drive made us tired but we couldn´t fall asleep. Our last free time we spent outside. Some on the pier and others on the beach. After midnight, this last night we stayed in our rooms. We didn´t fall asleep because a certain Mr. Wallbaum was in our room and kept us awake. At some point, however, we fell asleep and were looking forward to the long journey back home.


Friday 7th Sep, 2018

We had to get up early to be on time for breakfast at 7:30am. After we had breakfast we went back upstairs to get our luggage. With our luggage we waited in front of our hotel for the bus. When the bus arrived we all started to pack our suitcases into the bus. The other class went into the bus first after that we went in, too. As soon as everybody found a seat we drove off. We drove about 2 hours until we arrived at the ferry. We had to wait 1 hour until we could go on the ferry. We went to Burger King to get something to eat. The hour passed quickly. We went back into the bus and we drove off on the ferry. The time on the ferry passed quickly, too. At first we went on the ship deck. After the ship deck we went down to the shops to buy souvenirs. As soon as we heard our announcement we went back to our parking deck to get back into the bus. We didnt have a passcontrol after we went down from the ferry. The last 6 hours we sat in the bus and listened to music or slept until we arrived at our school where our parents picked us up.